So New Kids Are The Die Antwoord Of Holland? Woord.

After the Internet’s e-love iAffair with Die Antwoord, South Africa’s premiere novelty hip hop band, it was only a matter of time before some other intrepid foreigners raided a hobo thrift shop and a nunchuck store and filmed a video at their grandma’s house. Those intrepid foreigners are New Kids, from Holland. The best part about them is that we don’t have to spend any time wondering whether they are real or fake (which is always kind of a weird thing to spend very much time wondering about, right? Because it never changes the fact that something definitely IS) because we already have our answer: FAKE! I don’t actually understand any words in that article other than “Comedy Central,” but luckily there is an embedded video of what is clearly some kind of (hilarious, I’m sure) sketch comedy show. So, basically, the New Kids are actually the Lonely Island of Holland? SAME DIFFERENCE. Put Die Antwoord in one hand and Lonely Island in the other and see which fills up faster. Besides, people have built actual musical careers out of less. For example, The Lonely Island.

Anyway, here is the new jam, “Turbo”:

Put it on your Zune! There’s tons of mildly sarcastic crap you half like as a joke and half like for real on your Zune already. (Via BuzzFeed.)