The 2011 Golden Globes Videogum Video Pizza Party

Oh, the Golden Globes. You are the to the Oscars’ Zappos. Always the bridesmaid, never the Oscars, RIGHT, GOLDEN GLOBES? Chin up, Golden Globes. At least you’re not the MTV Movie Awards. (Ding Dong.) Anyway, the Golden Globes are tonight, you guys. America’s highest honor, I’m sure. On the one hand, who gives a fuck about the Golden Globes? On the other hand, this. Also, Ricky Gervais. You love Ricky Gervais. (And you are correct to do so, he is great!) His Mel Gibson material was very solid last year, and that was before Mel Gibson had become MEL GIBSON. Who knows what wonders tonight holds. Just kidding. But here we are. So, let’s be here as a FAMILY. Share your thoughts and feelings about this incredibly meaningful and important event in the comments. And follow us on Twitter. Magic is in the air! Just kidding again. Don’t forget to DVR Bob’s Burgers. Let’s gooooo!