The Robot Uprising Begins At Bar Trivia Night

It used to be a different world, more beautiful than you could ever imagine. We all lived in the light, under a sky that was actually blue. Oh, I know it’s hard to believe, but there were entire cities full of people, and you could stand all the way up without bumping your head against a cavern ceiling. People drank water that came from the sky and these things called oceans and lakes, which were just tremendous deserts of water. What’s that? No one filtered their pee! Well, it’s true. Then, of course, they created a computer that could answer trivia questions really well, and now we have smudged faces and all our clothing is torn leather and chains, and we huddle here, waiting for extinction.

“What is kind of impressive, but maybe some of the funding for what seems to amount to a cocktail party project could have gone to feed starving malarial children, Alex?” (An explanation of what this actually IS here.) (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin.)