Best New Party Game 43: Sarah Palin Movies

Oh, Sarah Palin. Is there even really anything else to say about her at this point? Yes. There is probably SO MUCH left to say about her. But who has the energy? She is exhausting! She reminds me of a puppy in the way that she doesn’t know anything, ruins everything, loves the taste of her own shit, is constantly up in your face, and, like all puppies, does NOT belong in politics. SOMEONE PUT HER IN HER KENNEL FOR SOME QUIET TIME, PLEASE! But you know what they say: when life gives you vain, egomaniacal hate-mongers, make vain egomaniacal hate-monger lemonade party games. That’s a common expression. You hear it all the time. So: Sarah Palin Movies!

  • Freedom and Dumber
  • Jews
  • The Diving Blood Libel and the Butterfly
  • Must Hate Wolves
  • The Socialist Network
  • 50 First Refudiates

Let’s finally get something of value (bad puns) out of this horrible woman’s existence.