The Onion SportsDome: Meth Addict Vs. Invisible Snakes

Videogum doesn’t ever really post videos from the Onion News Network because we just assume that you are already familiar with that site, that you probably consider it great because of how it is great, and that you subscribe to their video podcast on your Zune if it’s something that interests you, or you don’t subscribe to their video podcast on your Zune because for some reason it is not your cup of tea although you remain forever respectful of people’s differences ESPECIALLY when it comes to the highly subjective subject of what is “funny.” That being said, did you know that The Onion has two new TV shows coming out? The Onion News Network is getting its own show on IFC, premiering January 21st, and Comedy Central has an Onion show for the sportsheads called Sports Dome which premiered last night. It’s really funny. SURPRISE! Something that The Onion did is really funny! It is true, though, that at least personally, a parody of ESPN Sports Center is literally the last on my List of Desired Parodies (I keep this particular list in its own Moleskin. It’s very thorough) and yet even if you don’t know what a fieldzone is or who keeps all the bases up, there’s so many good laffs. My favorite from last night’s premiere was, of course, not actually sports related, because I refuse to care about sports until the Central Bureau of Sports Law inducts Napping into the Wide World of It, but man, the update on Crystal Meth Hallucination was so good!

Watch it here:

Sorry, meth addicts, your addiction is a horrible and ravaging disease, but if you were clearer headed even you might recognize that there are some very funny things to be said about your behavior and appearance and that The Onion SportsDome touched on many of them! This guy may or may not know what I’m talking about.