Brad Pitt Is A Real Prankosaurus!

You always hear these OUTRAGEOUS stories about Hollywood celebs playing total goof-em-up pranks* on each other while on the set of their blockbuster movies, you know, just to keep things light and fun, and I guess also to remind regular people that being a movie star is absolutely not actual work in anyway whatsoever and it is just playing make-believe all day, eating free food, getting paid disgusting amounts of money, and then having a prank-based laugh in your spare time (your spare time, of course, occurring during “work”). Well, this great new prank that is so great and definitely a prank reported by US Weekly under the headline “Brad Pitt Played “Hilarious” Prank on Jonah Hill” is NO DIFFERENT. These things are just so fun to read about and even funnier to imagine really happening!:

When [Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill] teamed up to film Moneyball in the summer of 2010, actor Keith Middlebrook says Pitt, 47, pranked Hill by giving his set of wheels a makeover.

“This one time, for fun, he painted Jonah Hill’s golf cart bright pink,” Middlebrook tells “He had the faces of Wham!, George Michael and [Andrew Ridgeley], painted on his golf cart.”

To up the ante, Pitt added pink balloons to Hill’s tricked-out golf cart. “When you put the gas pedal on, it played the song “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,'” Middlebrook adds. “I’m still cracking up about it! It was just total chaos.”

HAHAHAHHAHA WHAT A GOOD PRANK! GOOD PRANK, BRAD PITT! YOU ARE KING OF THE PRANKS! Also, kudos to actor Keith Middlebrook. A lot of these actors nowadays aren’t very intellectually curious, but this guy definitely knows what a prank is and also what “total chaos” means. (Thanks for the tip, @grahamorama.)

*It actually makes sense, since pranks are the worst, and celebrities are the worst, so of course celebrities love pranks.