These Are Your Bangs: Undetectables Designer Bangs

“Yeah, I want bangs, who doesn’t?! But as a busy modern person in this crazy MySpace world, I just don’t have time to sit around on my dumb butt waiting for my hair to grow. I’ve got SEXTS to send and RAZR Scooters to ride. BUT I WANT BANGS NOW, GOD DAMN IT ALL. There must be some way to just, like, scotch tape a flop of human hair onto my rashy forehead that looks like kind of shitty straw bangs, like, the bangs from a terrible wig, right? That has to exist. I would pay upwards of $10 to have what amounts to an ugly bangs toupee. The best part would be that it would cover up my unsightly blemishes and my embarrassingly large forehead! Please, world, MAKE IT SO.”

“It is totes so.” – World

Bangs, bangs, bangs! Do you have too many bangs?! (Via DouggPound.)