Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

Oof. Is it just me, or is 2011 exhausting? IS IT 2012 YET? You know what is super hot this year: complaining. Right? It’s just fun to do and it is fun to be around and most importantly it is fun to READ. Lolol. Sorry. OK, chins up. We can do this. We’ve done this before and we can do it again. Surely I’m talking about something more challenging and also more important than just making it through one week after another until you’ve made it through the whole year, right? Surely, life is a precious gift granted to each of us and we are going to enjoy it to the absolute extremes of our abilities and not just shuttle through it as quickly as possible with our heads down? OR ARE WE? Well, it’s early yet. Too soon to tell. Let’s just see how this weekend shakes out first. Maybe Country Strong will actually kill us!

After the jump, the five Highest Rated comments, as voted on by you, the Lowest Rated comment, the winner of the Red Dawn Remake Caption Contest, and the Editor’s Choice.

This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5  huckabeast | Jan 3rd Score:63

People who think Hayden Christiansen’s worst movie is “Attack of the Clones” are very wrong. It is actually this movie.

It is so, so, so bad I can hardly stand it.

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#4  Nate Scott! | Jan 3rd Score:69

Umm. Please.

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#3  Frank Lloyd Wrong | Jan 3rd Score:69

Life as We Know It for the following reasons:

1) Katherine Heigl is history’s greatest monster
2) The plot borders on ludicrous this side of a Scooby-Doo cartoon (Our firends are dead and now we have to live in their mansion. Traa-laaa.)
3) The give you Joan Holloway in the beginning only to cruelly snatch (heh) her away in the first 10 minutes
4) I saw this in the theater (No, I didn’t lose a bet) and the woman behind me kept letting out a guttural moan every time Josh Duhamel took his shirt off. I know this isn’t the movies problem, but that sound it etched into my mind. MY MIND!

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#2  Notsewfast | Jan 3rd Score:69

Over the break, my company internet got cracked down upon and now I’m reading/commenting on Videogum on my phone. I’m like a prison inmate with 3oz of Blog hidden in my rectum.

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#1  backwaxer | Jan 5th Score:75

first rule of trying to stop doing drugs club: move out of amsterdam

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This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

#1  thisismynightmare | Jan 3rd Score:-19

Citizen Kane….There, I said it! Deal with it Rosebud colored glasses! (See what I did there?)

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This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

  the hammer is my penis | Jan 4th Score:55

“Merry Christmas from the Palins”

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This Week’s Editor’s Choice

  That One | Jan 6th Score:47

He better start working on his radio voice.

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