Ted Haggard Rests His Case, Coming Soon To TLC

You guys remember Ted Haggard, right? He was the vehemently anti-gay evangelical preacher from Colorado who it was later revealed had been soliciting male prostitutes for years and also doing crystal meth? That Ted Haggard. Now, one would assume that as embarrassing and damaging as this public scandal might have been for Ted Haggard, it would have at least allowed him the freedom to truly accept himself and begin a new life as an openly gay man. Nope! Your honor, if Ted Haggard may approach the bench.

Ted Haggard: Scandalous will show Haggard as he goes about setting up his new church inside his barn in Colorado Springs. The church has been operating for several months and, as of July, had attracted about 200 worshipers.

Despite his transgression, which Haggard says was a mistake and no proof of homosexuality, he is still married. He and his wife run the new church — which welcomes gay congregants — together.

The special is scheduled to air Jan. 16.

As he told the Wall Street Journal this summer:

“Tiger Woods needs to golf. Michael Vick needs to be playing football. Ted Haggard needs to be leading a church.” (Via TalkingPointsMemo)

Cool show! Cool WIFE! Ted Haggard rests his case, everybody. You know, it is bad enough that he continues to deny his homosexuality in a really sad and counter-productive way–I’m sure his crystal meth use is in no way evidence of an addiction to crystal meth–but he’s referring to himself in the third person now, too? YUCK. (Thanks for the tip, @malgs.)