The Mechanic Has A Really Good Tagline!

The Mechanic poster has been out for awhile now, it is not new. It is a big gun made up of smaller guns! I am pretty sure it started out as a Threadless t-shirt? (SIDENOTE: has anyone noticed how design-y all the movie posters are these days even for bunk movies? They are so design-y. There’s probably a heated competition going on between Rem Koolhas and Chip Kidd to design the poster for Five Fast Five Furious.) But even though the poster is old news, Videogum reader Craig points out that it comes with a very good tagline:

“Someone has to fix the problems.”

HAHAHHAHAHAH. Man, that is SO TRUE. Someone does have to fix the problems. And I’m going to be honest with you, if you follow that up with “And that someone is Jason Statham” I will believe you. Sure. I mean, someone has to fix them so why NOT Jason Statham? Good luck, Jason Statham. We all appreciate it very much. P.S. I sure hope the problems include, like, all the problems and not just exacting bloody revenge on your former crimeland employer who fatally double-crossed you. I mean, by all means, please go ahead and fix that problem, but please do not stop there. This world has so many problems in need of your attention! (Click through to enlarge.)