Videogum Everywhere Mission: Befriend Monica Gebruikt On Facebook

OK, “agents.” Your mission is simple and the best part is YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS. You can wear as many pairs of pants as you want. Wear 10 pants. Let’s all befriend Monica Gebruikt on Facebook and help her to stay off of drugs. Why not? It is literally the least we can do. It’s absolutely nothing. “But Gabe, using YouTube to get strangers to click on your Facebook account does not seem like a particularly effective or valuable drug treatment program.” True. But it probably won’t put MORE drugs in her body. “But Gabe, it’s 2011 and we are all so exhausted by the Internet’s incessant duping and manipulations of its users that we all have gotten pretty hardened and skeptical when it comes to being asked to do anything by anyone even if it is as benign as befriending someone on Facebook. Surely, we suspect, there is some other angle at work here and once we click “like” we’re going to have signed ourselves up for a lifetime subscription to the Ortega Tortilla Shell of the Month Club from which it is impossible to unsubscribe.” You guys are pretty cynical for Videogum Everywhere Agents. Maybe you would like her better and be more interested in helping her if she SOUNDED LIKE A RADIO. Now come on, let’s just do this. Or not. The second rule of Videogum Everywhere is not bother anyone with our activities, but the first rule of Videogum Everywhere, of course, is that there are NO RULES. (Thanks for the tip, Gideon.)