This Homeless Man Barely Even Sounds Homeless If You Can Believe It

He’s like the Susan Boyle of homeless men!

Normally, I would expect a homeless man to sound different. Like worms, I guess. I just basically assume that a homeless person’s voice sounds like a million worms coming out of a pile of old bean cans. But here’s this homeless guy sounding like a guy on the radio who probably has a whole house or at least a decent apartment. It’s weird, too, because any time I see a picture of an actual radio DJ I’m always blown over by how physically attractive and well put-together they are. There’s almost never more than six or seven soup stains on their clothing and you can barely even see their bald spots and lipstick teeth. So, yeah, you can imagine my surprise when this FILTHY and DISGUSTING homeless person sounded like a RADIO instead of a GARBAGE BAG! Neat! I guess SOME homeless people actually are actual human beings with dignity and self-worth. Not the worm-mouthed ones or the stinky butts, but, like, funny radio ones at least for sure. (Thanks for the tip, JCA and Adam.)