It Is Time To Stop Sleeping On James Nyte

Technically, James Nyte’s “new” song “In Your Dreams” isn’t the first jam of 2011 because it came out in August of 2010. Oh well. What wonderful jams await us in the future only time will tell. Kind of makes you wonder about 2010, though, right? What was THAT all about? I mean, we all made mistakes last year. It’s OK! As they say, “mistakes are what happens when you’re busy making other mistakes.” (There is another popular expression that goes: “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your mistakes.”) But it is not 2010 anymore, it is 2011. There are plenty of new mistakes to be made–probably, unless this is the first year of no mistakes, FINGERS CROSSED–but before we do that, let’s try and repair some of the mistakes from the past. Some will obviously take longer than others. So, while we continue to research affordable time travel technologies in the pursuit of finally KILLING HITLER, let’s kick things off by correcting the error of having slept on James Nyte throughout most of 2010. Enough. Wake up, guys, James Nyte is here.

Welcome to 2011, James Nyte. Where you belong. (Via EpicPonyz.)