“While We Were Out” Open Thread

It would be bad news bears to start 2011 with a straight up LIE so let’s be honest with each other like adults do: some of us did not pay attention to the Internet over the break. I’m not going to start a witch hunt by pointing fingers and naming names because that would be rude, but let’s just say that it definitely could have been any of us who was not paying attention and it’s literally impossible to tell exactly who it was who did not pay attention for even one second to the Internet for the whole time we were all on break. In any case, what is done is done, and there is no turning back now. That being said, some of us did pay attention to the Internet over break, probably, I’m sure, and there is no telling what kind of wonders those people encountered. Well, wait, no, hopefully there is absolutely telling what kind of wonders those people encountered, that’s kind of the whole point of this post is the telling and sharing of those wonders. What did we all miss equally? Let us all know! All of us equally as we each and every one of us bear full responsibility for whoever the jerk(s) was/were who did not pay attention to the Internet, like, not even just a sneaky little glance at an RSS feed or a quick scan of TheDailyWhat or anything over break whatsoever just acting as if the Internet didn’t even exist basically which is a pretty aggressive position to take in this day and age but some people swear by it under the belief that it’s important whenever possible to take a full-stop “break” and decompress from the constant intake and processing of so much information and media and animal farts and trampoline dance-offs, and who are we to judge those people, even if we have no idea who they are, as they could quite easily be any of us.

Share your favorite over-break Internet things in the comments! Yay! It’s like Christmas all over again! (Christmas was over-long, full of unwanted obligations and needling demands, and ultimately kind of a disappointment, right? LOL JK CHRISTMASTIME 4EVER!)