The Videogum Pets Of 2010 Photo/Video Round-Up

Last week, we posted the 12 Best Animal Videos of 2010 and asked you to share YOUR favorite animal videos and also photos on this cool new website called And you sure did. Neat! Today we present the photo round-up of the Videogum Monsters’ favorite animals and pets and stuff of 2010. Yay! Now it’s a real party! You have to click through the whole gallery to see who won (haha, gotcha, BLOG-STYLE) but that shouldn’t be a problem because you should be clicking through the whole gallery anyway because WHAT IF YOU MISS SOMETHING CUTE?! Meanwhile, the winners of our 10 Best Movies and 10 Best TV Shows of 2010 Amazon gift card contests have been selected at random and will be contacted via Google Wave Facebook. Thanks to everyone for participating and thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for stealing Facebook and thanks to Jesse Eisenberg for playing Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network and thanks to Michael Cera for sounding like Jesse Eisenberg or vice versa and thanks to Arrested Development for introducing us all to Michael Cera and thanks to the early-90s hip hop troupe Arrested Development for “Tennessee” and “Mr. Wendal” and thanks to the 1990s for Arrested Development and thanks to time in general even though sometimes it passes a little too quickly for my taste, but also sometimes passes too slowly for my taste, which is weird. “It’s complicated,” I guess. Enjoy these little faces!