Hanna Trailer, You Guys

WE ARE GOING TO NEED A BIGGER YES, PLEASE! Um, this looks great? I had never realized that I wanted a movie that was a combination of The Professional and Little House on the Prairie until just now, but it turns out I want that SUPER MUCH. I’m pretty sure the ending of the movie Can’t Hardly Wait is Ethan Embry yelling down to Jennifer Love Hewitt that he loves this trailer. Did you know that in France they changed the name of Can’t Hardly Wait to Big Party, but still in English, which is weird, like why do they need a different title but still in English? Haha. HAPPY HOLIDAYS I MIGHT BE DRUNK ALREADY. (I’m not. But I might be. But I’m not. But you don’t tell me what to do. LET’S GO LIVE IN THE WOODS AND KILL.)