Shaquille O’Neal Conducts The Boston Pops Orchestra For Some Reason

With 2010 drawing to a close, we are left with many unanswered questions: What will be the long-term ecological ramifications of the BP oil spill? Will the Tea Party have a lasting effect on American politics, or was last fall’s election the beginning and end of their influence? DID COBB MAKE IT HOME TO HIS FAMILY OR WAS HE STILL DREAMING? Learning the answers to these burning questions is just a matter of time. We’ll learn about the fate of the Gulf of Mexico when its surface is a permanently black and smelly three-foot thick scrum of dead stuff. We’ll learn about the fate of the Tea Party when our hover-grandchildren ask us what the Tea Party was and we get embarrassed. And we will of course learn of Cobb’s fate in Incep2ion: The Edge of Reason. But there is one question posited by 2010 that I fear we will never be able to answer definitively, and that question is why the hell did Shaquille O’Neal conduct the Boston Pops Orchestra?

This guy knows what I’m talking about. (Via Flavorwire.)