Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Goodnight, 2010

Most of television aired its Christmas specials last week, so the only new show last night was It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s one-hour Christmas special. Fine by me! That is a funny show and that was a funny special! My favorite line, quite easily, was when Danny Devito insisted that he didn’t want a big funeral, and said, “When I’m dead, just throw me in the trash.” Haha. THAT IS ACTUALLY A SENTIMENT I KIND OF BELIEVE IN. When you die you are dead, so enough already. And even if there was something beyond this daily nightmare, it still seems like it’s a “bodies? Where we’re going we don’t need…bodies” type of situation, right? Toss it on the pile. And with that, we conclude the Thursday Night TV Open Threads of 2010. Can you believe it? Perhaps we should take this moment to think back on all of our favorite parts from the year in sitcomertainment. Or perhaps we should recognize that television already drains far too much of our precious time and energy (and believe me, those things ARE precious, because we only get so much of each and then it is onto the garbage heap of rotting bodies we go) and we should take this opportunity to talk about more important things that are meaningful and emotionally engaged and sincere.

Just kidding. Remember when Jack said that thing to Liz? Remember how Outsourced is racist? Remember other stuff?