Naked Model’s Hair Catches On Fire At Diddy Album Release Party

After the jump, you can see a video of a naked model’s hair catching on fire while she sits in a bathtub at Diddy’s album release party (via BuzzFeed, Vulture, Dlisted,, TheDailyWhat, and RealTalkNY). It’s basically our generation’s Clay Duke tape, I’m sure. Oh, and it is pretty safe for work because the footage is grainy and the model is sitting in a deep soaking tub (maybe a Kohler? Not sure! None of the hip hop blogs will tell me whether or not the soaking tub at Diddy’s album release party was a Kohler or not) so it’s really just a matter of whether or not you WANT to watch it. Ask yourself this question: “do I want to watch a model’s hair catch on fire as she soaks in a tub (possibly Kohler) at Diddy’s album release party while Kevin Hart babbles nonsense into a microphone–and another dude casually throws rose petals into the tub for some reason, like, dude, really? Rose petals? Did you just watch Red Shoe Diaries or something? Take it easy, this is an album release party on Ustream and that woman was hired to sit there–or don’t I?” And then based on how you answer that question, watch the video or do not watch the video. That’s the best I can offer.

Yup. Diddy album release party, model, soaking tub, hair, fire, microphone, rose petals. As described. A+++ would do business with seller again.