Best New Party Game 41: Birdie Movie Quotes

Birdie, Videogum’s Mascot, has been on a real tear lately, both literally and figuratively. Literally in the sense that she has literally been destroying things with her teeth. Yesterday, she ruined a pair of gloves and two days ago she chewed up the toggle of a coat (although in her defense, the toggle was VERY similar to a stick, and the rules don’t say anything about sticks). More figuratively speaking, she has been on a tear here and here and now here. (She would like to be on a tear here, too, but that seems to have died out. What’s wrong, Street Team? Were the streets closed?) In any case, this calls for a celebration. But what would a party be without a game?! (NORMAL QUESTION PEOPLE ASK ALL THE TIME AT PARTIES.) Oh, wait, I’ve got one and it is even TOPICALLY RELEVANT. Birdie Movie Quotes.

  • “Nobody puts Birdie in the kennel.”
  • “I love the smell of everything in the morning.”
  • “It’s people. Pedigree is made of people.”
  • “Follow me if you want to nap.”

Good game. It’s like fetch, but for humans, and with words, and not at all like fetch. Go play. Run.