Take Me Home Tonight Trailer, You Guys

Whoa. This actually looks really good? Like, sure, it’s got a Can’t Hardly Wait meets Superbad meets Hot Tub Time Machine vibe to it, but that is an entirely pleasant vibe. Nothing wrong with that vibe. If I walked into a party that had that vibe I would be like “cool vibe. Cool party.” Vibe vibe vibe. Also, despite the obvious cliches of a drifting post-college pre-adult wishing one night of drunken abandon would “fix” their “life,” the trailer has some good jokes in it and also Chris Pratt is in it (CHRIS PRATT!!!) and also Topher Grace co-wrote it (CO-WROTE IT!!). Mostly, this movie trailer just makes me excited for when I finally get to write my nostalgic coming-of-age movie. It is going to be called Bullet with Butterfly Wings and it is going to be exactly like this except that it is going to be set in the 1990s, no der, and instead of working at a Suncoast video, the hero is going to be temping at the hospital, and instead of lying to a beautiful girl about working at Goldman Sachs in order to win her heart at the big party, he’s going to drive to Einstein’s bagels and buy bagels because his mom said she needed him to go buy bagels and as long as he was back living in the basement, he needed to start helping out around here. TWO THUMBS WAY UP.