A 12-Year Old Lectures Us About Abortion

Is this for school? What school is this for? YIKES HIGH? Look, it’s not fair for an adult to pick apart the logic of a child’s argument, because the adult has a smart adult brain and the child has a stupid child brain, but it is fair for an adult to give a child a pro-tip, and my pro-tip is this: if you are 12 years old and you are going to give a really arrogant and condescending lecture about a complicated issue that you clearly have absolutely zero capacity to even understand much less have moral clarity about and much much less have something to teach other people in regards to, and if you are going to deliver that arrogant and condescending lecture in a manner that suggests that you are (or would like to be perceived as) somehow older and wiser than your years–even though you are clearly not older or wiser than anything, you are 12–even if that issue is benign and not such a tendentious and personal and emotional one as abortion, but especially if it IS such a tendentious and personal and emotional issue as abortion, then please, for your own sake, LEAVE ICE CREAM OUT OF IT. Nothing says “ignore every word that comes out of my unformed baby mouth” like comparing things to ice cream. Adults don’t do that. Rookie mistake.You’re welcome, 12 year olds. Good luck trying to be taken seriously, I know it’s hard, and you are never making it any easier. (Thanks for the tip, Seth.)