The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Ye Olde Spidere-Mane

I kind of wish this was an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK-PEEK at the new Spider-Man movie, rather that just some fun Photoshop from a fun photo gallery (via Internet). Right? As a people, we’ve definitely lost a sense of what awkward adolescence of radioactive supernerds was like in the 1300s or whenever this is supposed to be. 1492? Is that Columbus? Just kidding, you guyyyyyyys. I know the picture isn’t that old. It’s Vietnam, I think? ANYWAY: Spider-Man, you guys. Such a gentleman! Goodwife Mary Jane over there thinks he cuts a very dashing figure in his uniform. What do you think? Here’s an idea: why don’t you translate what you think into a caption for this photo and then post that caption in the comments. How’s that for an idea, chaps? Bully!

Clicke throughe to enlargee. Winnere will receive speciale placemente in this week’s Monsterse’ Balle. Huzzah.