My The Black List, 2010

Towards the end of every year, in Hollywood, some Ari Gold (the brother of former Bartlett White House Chief of Staff Rahm Gold) named Franklin Leonard compiles his “Black List” based off the input of 300 of the entertainment industry’s power brokers. The Black List is a list of the “best” unproduced screenplays written that year and the 2010 Black List was released today. It includes your regular assembly of charming hitmen, and aging rock stars facing their aging demons, and sexual journeys of self-discovery involving pastries, and what have you. Neat! I hope that everyone on the list gets one million dollars handed to them in a canvas bag with a big dollar sign printed on it. Of course, as is the annual tradition, another Black List was also released today, Gabe Delahaye’s Annual List of Unproduced Imaginary Movies That He Just Made Up. This goes over great ever year and it just keeps going over greater. Who doesn’t want to read a hastily and yet somehow lazily cobbled together list of make believe movie titles for no good reason? (For reference to just how fantastic and beloved this annual feature is, please see Gabe Delahaye’s 2008 Black List and Gabe Delahaye’s 2009 Black List.)

So, without further ado: the year in unproduced imaginary movies:

Cotton Flowers
My Daughter Is On That Plane!
My Friend The Magic Retard
Vagina Mountain
Someone Named Daniel
King Kong Dot Com
The Sad Wedding
Black Rape 2

Every year I believe there is no way that it could possibly be stupider than the year before, and every year I prove myself wrong by making it the stupidest.