The People Vs. Racist Soap

WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA. Will no one rest their case in the People Vs. Racist Soap? How many years are we going to drag this one out? Perhaps the reason that no one seems willing to rest their case is because everyone on both sides knows that they are WRONG. Like, the Pro-Racist Soap dude seriously needs to acknowledge that that is some racist ass soap. You can’t really accuse someone of being overly politically correct just because they think some blatantly racist soap is definitely very racist. On the other hand, the reporter, or at least that’s what I think she is supposed to be, it is hard to tell with the FUR HAT AND SUNGLASSES, is also way out-of-line by accusing him of being a lifelong racist who has used his racism to pervert the law of the land. That is really intense! Can we all just agree that this stupid Cracker Barrel store has made a questionable decision in deciding to carry some racist soap and that the soap is definitely racist, and that’s about as far as any of it goes? Can we also award SOMEONE a Pulitzer Prize for the sentence “these are the soaps under fire?” America awaits answers to these important questions. (Via Buzzfeed. Thanks for the tip, Asa Phelps.)