Saturday Night Live: Paul Rudd And Paul McCartney

Or is it the other way around? This weekend’s episode was more like Saturday Night Live with your host Paul McCartney and comedy guest, Paul Rudd. Fair enough. Dude was a Beatle. (“Fair enough. Dude was a Beatle.” – Paul McCartney’s tombstone.) Four songs seems like a lot of songs, but as I have already pointed out, dude was a Beatle, and also he was a good sport about the whole thing. Lord knows, HE CAN AFFORD TO BE. But lots of people can afford to be good sports and are not good sports, and he was a good sport, so it’s worth noting, I guess. Paul McCartney in the opening monologue, Paul McCartney in the Digital Short, Paul McCartney on Weekend Update. If anything he was TOO good of a sport. Ease up, Paul McCartney. Anyway, Paul McCartney aside, it was kind of a disappointing episode, mostly just because Paul Rudd is so winning and charming and funny that he should handily make for the best episode of the season. Oh, it was much better than, say, Mrs. Ryan Reynolds or Robert De Niro, obviously, but it wasn’t a Zach Galifianakis or even a Charles Barkley. Oh well.


I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers, but the political top-of-show opening sketch has got to go. Why do they insist on that? It never seems to work, and if it’s an issue of political or topical relevance, they have Weekend Update, so how about starting the show with something fun and enjoyable? I’m not sure if it’s the writing or the casting or what is even going on but these sketches are such painful duds week in and week out. I would not be surprised if they cause a lot of people who are on the fence about Saturday Night Live but thought they’d give it a try this week to not be on the fence anymore and to not give it any more tries on any more weeks. Work it out, pros. That’s why you’re pros.

As far as topical material went, Bill Hader’s Julian Assange impersonation is very good.

(And on the note of impersonations, I did not love the School Assembly sketch, but I did like seeing Jay Pharoah do something other than a Denzel Washington impression.)

One of the best sketches of the night was the always great Sexually Speaking recurring sketch.

So good. Really just very very good.

Also good, the new game show, What’s That Name:

And this Cat Cuisine fake ad just seems like Classic Saturday Night Live. You could imagine it airing during any season, couldn’t you? Yes, you could.

But I guess the major highlight of the entire evening was when Stefon gave his report to Seth Myers on Weekend Update, and I know this because I was watching the show by myself with no one to impress or even just talk to (oh boo hoo, I’m sure) and/but when Stefon came out I APPLAUDED. So, there you go. HI, STEFON!

Puke people. Tolerance. Glimpse into Seth Meyers.

Kills me.

And, ladies and gentlemen, Dame PAUL MCCARTNEY!

The Digital Short isn’t available on-line yet, but even if it were, the only reason to post it would be to ask what was up with it. Also, there was the Meryl Streep on Ice thing, which either proved to or reminded us that Abby Elliot does a really good Meryl Streep (it was really good!) but I thought we all agreed to retire “on Ice” jokes in 1999, make a fresh start of it in Y2K. Speaking of, you guys all threw your computers in the garbage, right? I’m just saying, New Year’s Eve is coming up, and you never know what might happen. Y2K11!!!