Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Christmas Specials Edition

You guys, I really enjoy the holidays. They are so fun! Why not? LIGHTEN UP! I’m also a very big fan of televised Christmas specials. Last night’s episodes of TV were NO EXCEPTION. In much the same way that The Simpsons has cornered the market on Halloween specials, I really think The Office does some of its best work on these shows. It’s the perfect combination of that show’s silliness and earnestness. Although, watching last night’s Rainn Wilson-directed, Mindy Kaling written show, I am starting to wonder how on Earth Michael Scott has not been fired yet? There are laws against exposing an HR representatives romantic and sexual history in front of the entire office before petulantly slamming the door, right? And when he threw all the food in the trash it made me very upset somehow. 30 Rock was great, no duh, and it was an episode that also made you THINK, mostly about why you don’t see more WOMEN IN BLACKFACE. Also, Elaine Stritch, you guys. If I was Elaine Stritch I would mount a one-woman show called “Betty White Can Suck My Dick.” I suppose the winner of the night was Community, and make no mistake, their animated Christmas special was a real treat, although I almost felt bullied into loving it. There was so much HYPE and TALK about it before it aired. If NBC really wanted to celebrate the true meaning of the season they would have SURPRISED US. This kid knows what I’m talking about. Oh well. I enjoyed it. I enjoy everything these days! Don’t worry, January 1 and it’s all frowns and shouting I’m sure.

Guys? TV?