Double Dream Hands!

Start with your head down. Now slowly look up.

The description from YouTube raises so many more questions than it answers:

John Jacobson teaches his original choreography for the song Planet Rock. Planet Rock is an original composition of John Jacobson and all credit goes to him. The original video is also available for free viewing on his website at Enjoy the video, and may your double dream hands stay dreamy!

Like, OK, sure, but why is there original choreography for the song? Songs don’t just automatically get or require choreography. Are people really just supposed to learn this choreography on their own in their rooms and then just perform it willy nilly whenever this song comes on? And a follow up: does this song ever come on? About the song: should the word “rock” really be in the title of this song? This song does not rock. Perhaps another word? “Planet Yikes”? “Planet Awful”? Also, John Jacobson wrote the song, designed the choreography, and starred in the video, but he didn’t put the video up on YouTube himself, and whoever did clearly isn’t making fun of him but rather is just trying to support his work and get it out there, which leads me to my next question: why? And finally: “May your double dream hands stay dreamy!”? Really? Enough questions. LET’S DANCE THIS DANCE! (Thanks for the tip, Darci and Andrew.)