Post Your Salsa Dog Reaction Videos Here And Everywhere

Do you guys remember Two Girls One Cup? Cool story: I’ve never actually seen that video. So sue me. Guess what: I am a grown up and I know what poop looks like and I know what cups look like and I know what girls look like and I’ve heard a good enough description of that video that I can use my FULLY OPERATIONAL IMAGINATION to do the math. But, also, do you guys remember with Two Girls One Cup how there was this whole Internet meme of people posting videos of themselves watching Two Girls One Cup? You remember that. We all remember that. It was on the evening news and I’m pretty sure there was a montage of those reaction videos in the background of the closing credits at the MTV Movie Awards or something. But here’s the thing: what if we did that with a DELIGHTFUL video instead of a DELISGUSTING video? What if we did that with SALSA DOG?! I have posted my own Salsa Dog Reaction Video after the jump just to get things started, but I highly encourage everyone (and I am using the dictionary definition of the term everyone here to mean THE ENTIRE WORLD PLEASE) to record your own Salsa Dog Reaction Videos and post them in the comments or really anywhere you want. Post them everywhere. Let’s goooooo!