Ken Jeong IS Mr. Pepto Bismol

Boy, Ken Jeong will do ANYTHING, huh? Now, it should be pointed out that being willing to do anything is a philosophy that I totally support. We should all be so lucky as to have so many opportunities to make money do something that we love in this world. And even if money is not involved, I still think it is valuable and intelligent to say yes to as many experiences as you can in this lifetime, because eventually you’re going to be all rolled up in a blanket made of dirt at the bottom of the forest and you won’t be saying yes or no or anything. You’ll be dead is my point! Do it all, who cares. “No regrets.” — Robbie Williams.

Of course, all of that being said, just because being willing to do anything is a noble and correct way to go about it doesn’t mean it isn’t also sometimes a little painful for the rest of us to watch someone drinking this life dry. Eek. Good for you, totally, but also eek.

Pepto Bismol, you guys. For your poops! (Via ONTD.)