Don’t Get Urkel’ed!

The only thing funnier than a junior high school principal punishing his students with a pop culture reference they are way too young to understand* is that saggy pants is still such a HOT BUTTON ISSUE. It’s 2010, everyone. The global economy is on the brink of collapse. America is forever embroiled in two foreign wars and a damaging intractable political stalemate at home. Winter is here. The Beaver. The Gulf of Mexico remains sludged with oil even if no one is talking about THAT anymore. Maybe we can RELAX about PANTS. That being said, DON’T GET URKEL’ED YOU GUYS! So embarrassing! (Thanks for the tip, Anchor Management.)

*So ridiculous. Kids don’t know Urkel from Adam and probably consider him to be from the same time period. Although, it’s very similar to when I was in school and teachers were concerned about students wearing their caps backwards, and so in order to teach us a lesson, if we were found wearing our caps backwards we were forced to wear our caps like Bartleby the Scrivener.