Ugh Alert: Charlie Sheen To Cameo On Season 2 Of The Walking Dead

Imagine something terrible that no one could possibly want. Now DOUBLE IT. From Moviefone:

Fans of the new hit TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ were saddened to see season one come to a close on Sunday night, but here’s some news that should get you a bit excited about season 2, due out at some point (hopefully) in the next year or so (man, cable shows and their long droughts between seasons are a real knife in the heart for us fans out there). According to, reps from Charlie Sheen have confirmed that the actor will cameo as a zombie next season. So the show may not have a writing staff, but at least we now know to expect the troubled Sheen to pop up at some point looking like a hideously half-eaten zombie.

Hmm, I think Moviefone is using the word “excited” wrong. Just kidding. SUPER COOL! Frank Darabont fired the entire writing staff and now this? That’s what they in the business “a roll.” The garbage business. THIS IS GARBAGE. Grimes makes better decisions on The Walking Dead than the people running The Walking Dead are making, and Grimes makes literally the worst decisions ever. “Let’s fire all the writers and cast Charlie Sheen as a zombie in season 2″ is the new “Let’s try and get to the CDC for no reason.”