The Beaver Trailer, You Guys



Wait. No. Wait, sorry. Hi. Wait up. Hi. So, wait, what?! WHAT?! Look, I don’t even think we need to talk about how hilarious it is that THIS is supposed to be Mel Gibson’s comeback movie after the string of violent, racist phone conversations that leaked earlier this year (on top of his well documented history of denying the Holocaust, blaming “all the wars” on the Jews, and calling police officers “sugar tits”). Whatever. Sure. I hope it works? Good luck to everyone involved. And also let’s just set aside most of the basic premise of this movie for now because we only have human-sized brains, and their capacity for processing information is ultimately pretty limited, and it’s just going to take awhile for them to sift through what’s happening here. But, I’m sorry, but please, hi, excuse me, HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO KEEP RUNNING A COMPANY IN THIS MANNER, and also, HIS WEIRD ILLNESS DOES NOT BECOME THE BASIS FOR A BEST SELLING PRODUCT, and finally, THIS IS NOT HOW YOU WIN A LONG-SUFFERING WIFE BACK. Like, at the very least, movie trailer, please pretty please oh PUH-LEASE suggest–even just give the faintest hint, just as an advertising hook to make this movie look appealing to potential viewers–that there might be some kind of consequences and/or even the looming threat of failure to a grown man speaking to everyone in his life with a Bob Hoskins beaver puppet. “It turns out right away that the beaver puppet was the best decision he ever made and it not only reunited his family for sure, but he also made billions of dollars off of it.” Oh cool, THEN I DO NOT NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE, so I guess what I am trying to say to you, movie trailer, is THANK YOU.

Also, can I just point out the funniest part of the whole The Beaver trailer, please?

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA. Sure. Barkeep, a round of forehead slaps with a “good grief” chaser for me and my friends here.

P.S. Of course someone has already recut the trailer to include Mel Gibson’s telephone rants no duh get real.