The Andrew Show: A Racist Child Complains About Marmaduke

It’s The Andrew Show! “A show for white kids.” This week’s topic: Marmaduke.

Holy shit. Admittedly, I’m not sure what I was expecting from a website called WHITEPRIDETV.COM. I do kind of love that this kid is super racist but also still very much a kid with kid’s logic. Like, he might have learned his racism from his parents, but they definitely did not help out with his argument about Marmaduke. That’s all his. “The dog park is like how other races say land should be theirs.” Not a thing, Andrew. That’s not one of the things that’s going on right now, you stupid racist*. Other things I love about this:

-How abruptly he rests his case and is already ready to take on NEW subjects. “Marmaduke: CASE CLOSED.”
-The differentiation between white adults and white kids, but the confirmation that both are UNDER ATTACK.

Andrew should get his own show for real! I’m just kidding about that! Go to bed, Andrew. (Thanks for the tip, Michael.)

*It’s not nice to be mean to kids, but it’s not nice for kids to have racist television shows, so let’s call this one a wash.