The Adventures Of Our Garfield

In the event that you somehow didn’t click through yesterday’s post about the new Garfield for OUR generation to wander around the HELLSCAPE that is WendyVainity’s YouTube page, you should really treat yourself! It’s basically like using one of those expensive virtual reality schizophrenia simulators, but for free and in the “comfort” of your own home. That is how reader JCA found this video of Our Garfield’s (that his name now) latest adventure. Jackie wants to take Our Garfield to the vet, but as you know, Our Garfield hates the vet almost as much as he hates Wednesdays. So what he does, and this is hilarious, he scratches Jackie’s eyeballs out, kicks Brodie off the table, and then consumes a military-grade psychotropic pharmaceutical that allows him to enter a shared dream state with us where he attempts to steal our secrets from the dream safe. Our secret, of course, is that we HATE Our Garfield because he TERRIFIES us. Better not let him find that out, though, you know how he gets. Uh oh, there’s Brian Dennehy!