Videogum Everywhere Mission: #Birdie4Benji

Variety is reporting today that Hollywood would like to reboot the old Benji franchise about a scrappy pup who gets into all kinds of adventures.

Walden Media wants to put scruffy but lovable canine Benji back on the bigscreen. The Fox-based shingle, behind such family fare as the “Chronicles of Narnia” franchise, has paired with Brandon Camp, son of “Benji” creator Joe Camp Jr., to write, direct and produce a pic that will reboot the character for a new crop of young moviegoers.

Camp will begin a nationwide search to find a dog and hopes to partner with a rescue organization to “screen test dogs in pounds,” he said, because the original Benji, a dog named Higgins, was a pound puppy.

Oh sure, Mr. Camp, you could try and recreate the original look. OR you could create a whole new Benji for the kids of TOMORROW. What about an up-and-coming young dog that’s getting some real heat these days? I’m talking, of course, about Videogum’s mascot, Birdie. She would be perfect! The only foreseeable problem is that she is completely disobedient and ruins everything, two characteristics that could prove mildly frustrating on a multi-million dollar film set. But look at that face! Perhaps the world is not ready for a black Spider-Man, but surely the world is ready for a BEAUTIFUL BENJI. Your mission, Videogum Everywhere agents, is to begin a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #Birdie4Benji. Let’s gooooo!