Against All Odds, Gun Manages To Make A Worse Movie Poster

Do you guys remember the original movie poster for the upcoming 50 Cent & Val Kilmer vehicle, Gun? It was terrible! It featured 50 Cent in front of a white background wearing a puffy vest and a watchcap, holding two guns crisscrossed against his chest. Get it? Guns! DING DONG, NAILED IT. The tagline on that poster was “One Gun. Many Lives Lost.” That is a terrible tagline! For one thing, right in the poster that we are looking at and reading that tagline, 50 Cent is holding TWO GUNS. Also: many lives lost? Oooh. It’s called suspense and drama, look it both up. And yet, somehow, against all odds, they have somehow managed to make an EVEN WORSE POSTER FOR THIS MOVIE. Guys, calm down! No one cares about Gun! You do not need to force your poster design department to pull all-nighters figuring out worse and worse poster concepts. “You know what the problem with the original poster was? The puffy vest. We should DEFINITELY get rid of the puffy vest. I’m still in love with 50 Cent holding two guns crisscrossed against his chest, that’s obviously brilliant. But what if he was doing that in a tank top instead of a puffy vest? Lava? Lava. Also: people want to see how many cheeseburgers Val Kilmer has been eating, so let’s make sure there’s some kind of visual cue that lets audiences know that there aren’t any cheeseburgers left in the world because Val Kilmer ate them all. Now, the tagline: how about something that just screams EXCITEMENT and ACTION. Something like “A city caught in the crossfire.” Shivers. I just got shivers. Anybody else getting shivers?” Total nonsense. It’s so weird that a low budget movie starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer involves a seemingly endless string of bad decision making just kidding.