Woman Somehow ACCIDENTALLY Simulates Fellatio With Turkey Caller

As someone who’s never really been on TV, I suppose I can’t understand the mental and emotional pressures of being in front of so many sets of eyes watching your every move. I’m sure that it is very stressful, and that eventually you need to achieve some kind of peaceful resignation to makin’ goofs. It’s gonna happen, might as well just accept it, dust yourself off, and get back on that wonderful horse made of gold. (SIDENOTE: If anyone wants to teach me what it is like to be on TV by putting me on TV, I love to learn and experience new things!) But, like, while I can’t understand the specific stresses of such a public display, I do understand what stress is like, and, like, what it feels like to be, you know, somewhere where there are other human beings in the room. So I’m still kind of confused how this woman just straight up GOT CONFUSED about what it would look like to put a dick-shaped object in her mouth and jerk it off with her hand. “Yoops!”

Emmy Alert! (Via TheDailyWhat.)