The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Drake Haircut

TALK ABOUT A BAD HAIR DAY LOLOLOL. You know what, though, fair enough. It’s always nice to see people in this world trying something new, even if the result is an unqualified disaster. And the best part about trying something new is that in addition to expressing creativity and curiosity and attempting to forge new paths, you don’t ever have to explain to anyone what the hell you were thinking. Mum’s the word with these things usually. Mum and/or “I dunno, thought it would be funny.” Of course, the real question now is not what the guy who asked for this haircut for some reason would say. The question is WHAT DOES THE HAIR DRAKE SAY?

There won’t be a Monsters’ Ball this week, so winner will receive an extra portion of turkey. In order to redeem prize, winner must say to mom “Extra portion of turkey, please, mom.”* (Video via