Cookie Monster Auditions For Saturday Night Live

I’ve kept my mouth shut about it for awhile (after not keeping it shut at all, obviously) because I know it’s an unpopular opinion and I feel that I made my point, but I’m privately still annoyed by the whole Betty White thing. Like, OK, you did it, Internet, she hosted Saturday Night Live and she even did a good job, but I feel like she is just in everything at this point and frankly it is weird. It’s like she’s winning a year-long lifetime achievement award except that instead of a statuette, she gets to be in a movie with Rachel McAdams or something, and instead of an award for her contribution to entertainment, she’s just being rewarded for still being alive. Fair enough. Would that we could all enjoy the same.

But perhaps we have finally found someone who can end Betty White’s strangle-hold on popular entertainment. An elderly comedy powerhouse for OUR GENERATION. I am talking, of course, about Cookie Monster.

C is for Cahhahahahha. Sesame Street, you guys! Still killing it after all these years. Follow them on Twitter! (Via