Slayer Christmas Lights Are The Reason For The Season!

YESSS! Do you know what I like about the holidays? It’s almost impossible to not take SOME kind of pleasure from the general attitude of enthusiasm and good cheer*. Like, even if your only entry point into the celebration is to set up an elaborate trigger system so that your Christmas decorations flash in sequence to a Slayer song that upsets your neighbors, you’re still ON BOARD IN YOUR OWN WAY. (And let’s be honest: your way is AWESOME.) Seriously kind of pumped about this, you guys. Holiday parties? SO GOOD. Egg nog available in your local grocery store? GET OUT. McDonald’s should change their slogan to Happy Holidays because I’M LOVIN’ IT! (Via BoingBoing.)

*Even the people who make it an annual tradition of complaining about how much they hate the holidays seem to take some kind of masochistic pleasure in voicing their stupid complaints. Also, shut up those people. The holidays are great. Grow up.