Saturday Night Live: Anne Hathaway And Florence & The Machine

There is something so sharp-faced and tight-eyed about Anne Hathaway. Her skin is like porcelain, and I’m not necessarily saying that as a good thing. Also: Love and Other Drugs looks like THE WORST. So I was not particularly looking forward to this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, and you can imagine my surprise when it turned out to be really good. Whoa! How did THAT happen? The Rachel Maddow cold open was blah (on that note: we live in an era of such smart and funny and insightful political comedy/commentary that perhaps Saturday Night Live can chill with their front-and-center attempts to satirize something they’re not very good at satirizing) and Anne’s monologue was very bad, but after that the show really went on a tear. Most of the sketches were enjoyable! Jay Pharoah did a really good Jay-Z impression! (Which he should have saved for the end of his bit, because his Drake and Biggie impressions were not nearly as good and kind of awful maybe.) And more!


Penelope is back! Penelope is great!

Even the things that the show did that were pretty predictable and on the nose were just solidly done, like the TSA agent stuff, it’s like, yes, sure, but also, good job.

Or, similarly, the Black Friday sketch:

It kind of reminded me of the Gathering of the Juggalos parody, which, if you will recall, was a very good parody. Hey, speaking of Bobby Moynihan and great parodies, Guy Fieri on Weekend Update, you guys:

Can we talk about how crazy it is that Guy Fieri exists and yet you hear so few Guy Fieri jokes? What’s up with that? Just based on everything about Guy Fieri, we should really be hearing jokes about him constantly.

Also, let’s give it up for Fred Armisen this week, who really came through in both the Wizard of Oz sketch:

And the sketch about Kate Middelton meeting with the Queen:

That Queen sketch is so weird and funny and intense. It almost feels like something they would put near the end of the show. The last sketch of the night, the “Writer’s Sketch,” or whatever, was that thing about a soundtrack to a movie about horses playing baseball, which I thought was kind of a weird and off and boring sketch, but I will say that Andy Samberg as Robert Smith from the Cure, singing “Horsey horsey show me how you do that trick, the one where you play baseball,” is probably my favorite joke from the whole night and still makes me laugh, even right now I am laughing.

This Herb Welch sketch was good:

Man, just a really solid episode. Very unexpected. Here is a testament to how good this week’s episode was: they put a sketch up on-line that got cut from the show for whatever reason that they cut things, and even this deleted sketch is really good:

Anne Hathaway should probably get some of the edges on her face sanded down, and she try to get that gleam out of her eyes, you know, the gleam that says “I drink the blood of human sacrifices in order to maintain my youth.” But she should also keep hosting Saturday Night Live. Turns out she has a real knack for it. Who knew!