Thursday Night TV Open Thread

One of us, and it could have been anyone, really, didn’t watch any of the shows last night because they may or may not (guessing is fun!) have been at a live taping of Nick Kroll’s upcoming Comedy Central special. Nick Kroll, of course, plays Ruxin on The League. Relevant! If you’re at all curious, the answer is yes, he did kill it last night, and yes, his special is going to be great. You should probably get a second DVR installed just in case as a fail-safe measure so that you do not miss it. ANYWAY: I did catch up on some of the shows this morning. Can we all agree that 30 Rock has been phenomenal the past couple of weeks? Like, that is a good show, blah blah blah, it has won Emmys, and it stars Alec Baldwin, and Tina Fey has probably been nominated for some kind of fucking World Favorite Award at this point, such is she beloved, and far be it from any of us to pull some kind of Modern Family Season 1 nonsense and act like this show is somehow an underdog when it is on NBC and millions of people watch it and also all the above stated accolades and cetra. (Seriously, though, what was that all about with Modern Family? How did they manage to convince people that they were some poor struggling upstart instead of a broad, big budget sitcom on a major television network starring Hollywood veterans?) But the point is: 30 Rock is already great, we all are on the same page no duh, but the past couple weeks it has been DOUBLE great, I guess. Meanwhile, last night’s The Office had lots of laffs but was definitely one of those episodes where it’s like, remember when this show made fun of ACTUAL things that happened in REAL offices that were funny because they were RELATABLE? And then you stand in your personal reflecting window and put your hand to your chin because you do remember that now. Saving Community for later, but let me guess: FUNNY!

Your turn.