The Tenth Autumn Jam Of 2010: Efi Thodi’s “Se Gnorisa Sto Facebook”

Yay! We did it! It’s Friday! Everything is falling apart all around us, and we live with the perpetual knowledge that, like, 99 percent of the world’s population lives in abject poverty, and yet we nevertheless feel a genuine sense of accomplishment just getting to the end of another work week in our extraordinarily privileged lives. It’s OK. Feelings are feelings, there is no stopping them. BARTENDER, A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR OUR ACHIEVEMENTS. Anyway, you know what this calls for? An autumn jam! Volume UP:

Can’t stress this enough you guys: CONGRATS. I know it was pretty touch and go there for awhile (Tuesday between 1 and 3PM were rough stuff, probably!). But here we are, alive to tell the tale. Of this week? Although, not sure who’s going to be talking when there is so much dancing going on. DANCE PARTY! (Thanks for the tip, Njoy.)