How To Identify If A Murdered Body Was Murdered By Satanists

It’s a little intense for first thing in the morning, but you know what else is intense? IDENTIFYING MURDERED BODIES! Other things that are also intense along similar lines: GETTING MURDERED and BEING A SATANIST. Really, though, this video is for everyone. Whether you are a forensic analyst who has absolutely no idea what the pentagram drawn in Sharpie on your latest bikini-wearing victim under a tarp’s stomach could possibly mean, or whether you’re a satanist trying to keep one step ahead of the cops, this video has something for you. And since we live in a world of clear-cut dichotomies and everyone is either one or the other of those things, I think we all learned something important, if horrifying and also somehow hilarious this morning. Stay safe out there, you guys. Don’t get killed/caught! (Via BoingBoing.)