Best New Party Game 38: Happy Movie Trailer Day!

Don’t know if you guys noticed, but A LOT of movie trailers premiered today! There were at least 100 new movie trailers (give or take). The reason for this, of course, is that today is National Movie Trailer Day, duh. Guys, isn’t it exhausting when you take down your Halloween decorations and already it is time to put up your National Movie Trailer Day decorations and then immediately take those down to put up your Thanksgiving decorations? What a real thing that we all agree is real and annoying! Anyway, in honor of the holiday, what about a party game? What else are you going to do at the National Movie Trailer Day party that you’re definitely going to tonight? So:

  • Let The Right One In A World
  • Rated PG 13 Going On 30
  • Big Fandango
  • Coming Soon To A Theater Near You Can Count On Me

What a horrible, stupid game! Well, it’s a horrible, stupid (but very real) holiday, so what do you expect? Have fun! If possible!