Your Highness Trailer, You Guys

Holy moly does this look dumb. But, like, so dumb that I think I might love it? Also: Danny McBride AND James Franco AND David Gordon Green AND Natalie Portman AND Zooey Deschanel? Is it the summer Olympics again this year? And did the game of basketball get swapped out for a game of putting together the cast and crew of a movie? Because what a DREAM TEAM! But yeah, dumbdumbdumb. “That’s the point, I think.” Uh, that’s the point, I know! Still. Out of the three trailers we have watched this morning, this is the only one with any actual dramatic tension in it. The tension being whether this movie will end up being surprisingly great or if it is going to be the worst. I do appreciate that Danny McBride is not even trying with his accent. It’s a weird thing to appreciate, but I do. Go figure.