Green Lantern Trailer, You Guys

Whoa. It’s crazy how they were able to make the CGI suit that he wears look just as CGI as his face. SEAMLESS! Visual technology is just really something else these days, isn’t it, you guys? Seriously, though, Ryan Reynolds has a major case of Photoshop Phace. I wonder if he and his bride go to the same belt-sander. Also: how many scary foreheads does this movie have? I counted 20. (I’m really good at math, so there is no need to go back and double check my work.) This movie should just be called Comical CGI Bodysuit Vs. The Scary Foreheads. Better. In any case, I am definitely on the edge of my seat wondering if he will become responsible, because it seems like at the beginning of the movie he’s not responsible? But like, the bearer of the ring needs to be responsible? Fingers crossed!