Teen Korner: The Teenager’s Guide To Successful Babysitting

Who let my dogs out? HI! HI HI HI HI!

Whattup, young men who feel that it is more important to engage in things that you care passionately about than to worry about what other people think, and young women who know that self-confidence comes from inside of yourself not from what some boy says. Today I want to rap at you about the character you can build by doing some work, and hey guess what, dudes, the spending money isn’t bad either LOLOLz. Wear a helmet!

There’s lots of jobs for young ambitious people to get: raking leaves and shoveling snow, are just two of the three possible jobs you could do! The third is babysitting. This will teach you responsibility AND put some cold hard moolah in your chain wallet. But what are you going to do? Just find some friends of your parents who have a child that needs babysitting and ask if you can babysit for them? No way, dude, don’t be a dorkus malorkus! Use your noggins, Noids! You’re going to need a video tutorial for Successful Babysitting first. Well guess what, XBOXhead, we’ve got one for you right here, no doy awesome. Meet you on the corner of Easy Street and Responsible Young Adult Avenue!

Important message to adults: do NOT hire a teenager to babysit your children until they have seen this video. Make sure to ask them if they have before you leave for the opera. (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin.)