The Ninth Autumn Jam Of 2010: “Teach Me How 2 Study”

When I was in junior high, the Detroit Pistons were conducting a special “Stay in School” event at the Cobo Arena, and we were told that students with good grades would be allowed to attend as a special reward for having good grades. Even at the time this seemed really weird and backwards to me. Like, why do kids with good grades need a “Stay in School” event? Isn’t it the kids with bad grades who should go? This is a true story, by the way, I am not doing that thing that we all have a tendency to do where we grant your younger selves a piece of wisdom or insight that our younger selves did not have in order to make our younger selves seem smarter and therefore grant our older selves an impressive legacy of intelligence. I really did think it was weird, and may or may not have said so to a teacher. It should also be noted that in every other way I was completely behind the curve on thoughtfulness and insight. Not sure why this one broke through my dense smokescreen of incredible stupidity. The point, though, is that if instead of a Detroit Pistons “Stay in School” event at the Cobo Arena, students at my junior high with good grades were allowed a white board fly-girl cameo in Mr. Cee’s “Teach Me How 2 Study” video I wouldn’t have thought or said anything. Except maybe, “Sorry dumb kids, I’m riding this A- all the way to the TOP.”

Autumn jams, you guys! So nostalgic! (Thanks for the tip, thenewsound.)